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Factory II Panitzsch

Lindenwerkstätten WfbM II
Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen
An den Werkstätten 4
04451 Borsdorf OT Panitzsch
Phone 034291 / 440-250
Fax 034291 / 440-251

Werkstatt II Panitzsch - Frontansicht


As a high-class workshop for people with disabilities we offer the following operations in the areas of production an service:

Paper/ Packing/ Montage
Bulk mail, stamping, labelling, enveloping, inlaying and complementing of folders, different gluing and clinching services

Wood processing
Blank services, shelves, small part manufacturing, building and repairing of pallets, production of religious education toys "Godly Play"

Metal montage/ Recycling
Demounting of metal constructions, appropriate sorting, reconditioning and partly new installations of assemblies

Electronic montage
Manufacturing of cable looms with different legwork, installation of switches, tight fitting of ferrules, cutting of cables

Names and logos embroidered, curtains and window decoration, change tailoring, production of seat cushions

Landscape conservation
lawn mowing, cemetery maintenance, tree pruning and cutting, chrubs care, ...

Plant production and animal production with geese, chickens, rabbits, pigs

with its own production of fresh meat and meat products

Our court store offers:
- Fresh meat and sausages from own production, eggs
- Ducks, rabbits, goose meat
- therapeutic toys
- Art and use ceramics
- "Godly Play" - Teaching materials and learning materials

Our workshop store is open:
Mo - Fr   12-15 Uhr

Your advantages:
- a convincing price-performance ratio 
- Application of your own staff in more highly qualified activities

You can be assured that the focus of our work is always a qualified performance, combined with top customer support services.

Carsten Ruß
Workshop Manager